270-to-win election map interface overview

Download the .pdf file with the documentation

An Unreal project that features a 270-to-win election map controlled by blueprints.

The project is made of an originally modeled US map, a 270-to-win bar, and the possibility of displaying the total number of Republican and Democratic votes.

The map sends data to the 270 to win bar and updates electoral votes of each state in the bar, as well as the total number of votes, through custom events.

There are 56 blueprints in the project:

• 52 blueprints that control each state, DC and the visual border between Alaska and Hawaii.

• A blueprint that controls the 270 to win bar, partial number of votes display, and total number of vote display.

• A blueprint that controls the position, rotation, and scale of the whole map and triggers the user interface to change the map and update the bar and data.

• Two blueprints that allow displaying only the total number of votes in case there is a need to display them somewhere else apart or instead of below the bar.