3D rendering is the process of producing computer generated images from digital models. If treated properly the 3D models will simulate physically accurate scenarios, including lenses of the camera which results in images that look like actual photographs.

Images produced as renders go beyond the two dimensions of a flat image. The process of making them feels like creating new possible worlds. A basic workflow to produce a render involves six steps that is each finely tuned for the best results:

1. Modeling the objects and the scenario;
2. Applying the required materials and textures to the objects; 
3. Lighting the scene; 
4. Setting up the camera; 
5. Render the image; and
6. Postproduction of the image.

At Qpalca we produce our 3D models in-house. We produce accurate models according to the specs, plans, pictures and sketches that our clients provide. We combine our 3D modeling skills  with the use of associated programs and plugins to make all sort of realistic scenearios including vegetation and liquids. Using cutting edge technologies we produce our own 3D materials, the behavior of which is physically accurate. 

At Qpalca we have the skills and the technical tools to avoid seemingly identical images produced by not carefully developed 3D visualizations. Every stage is adjusted in the process to bring our renders to life. 

3D rendering is an outstanding tool used by a range of professionals including architects, interior designers, real estate developers, and marketing companies. Well produced renders allow the portrayal of any kind of property for presentation to your clients.

With the help of 3D product visualization we can envision product prototypes. 3D product visulaizations is also used to produce images of preexisting products for commercial purposes to reduce the cost of otherwise expensive productions.

We love getting our clients involved in the process. After listening to your every concern, suggestions and comments, we make sure that everything you requested is noted and clear before we proceed with your visuals. Our goal is to make our clients satisfied and happy on every project.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with us and tell us details of your project. Visit our FAQ section to find out how to make the first step.

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